newsletterOur monthly newsletter is in line with the dynamic trends in the market and keep our customers updated with the latest in products, destinations and prices.

It is an excellent and productive media for our suppliers who rely on promotional programmes and our products which need focused marketing.

To make it more interesting, we run a Quiz by asking five questions from the newsletter. Quiz is not open to the Ottila International, branches & associate offices. The winner is given an exciting Prize and his/her photo along with the Travel Agency details are published in the next issue of the newsletter.

The newsletter is available in both print and electronic format.

Newsletter Profile :

No. of Pages : 12 + including special features from various suppliers and tourism boards
Size : 24.5 x 37 cm
Print Run : 3500 copies in colour
Frequency : Every Month
Objective : To make the market aware of the new deals and promotions from time to time. Improve the knowledge of the travel trade on different destinations and products and increased sales.
Distribution : First week of every month to Travel Agents and Tour Operators all over India + Corporate Houses, Government Organisations and various associations.

We start collecting information a month before and the final matter will be released for printing by end of that month. The distribution is done by our own network offices. To take part in our newsletter programme, please contact our Publication Department on Email: